Features of Edonix Live Virtual Classroom Platform

1. Comprehensive Platform
Edonix Live Virtual Classroom Platform is created to provide a comprehensive solution for Educational Institutions to offer their courses online to their students across the world.

2. Customized to suit the look and feel of Institution

The best feature of Edonix Live Virtual Classroom Platform is that it can be customized to suit the look and feel and Brand of the Educational Institution. The entire product will have the logo and color combinations of the Institution so that its students can relate and identify it with that of the institution.

3. Highly Interactive

Edonix Live Virtual Classroom Platform is highly interactive in nature. Teacher and Students can interact seamlessly on the platform. Teacher can select each student and live interact with her. All interactions can be heard by all other participants.

4. Full Screen

The education happens on the full screen of the laptop. Teacher is visible on the screen. Students will be able to get a real life classroom feel from its full screen Teacher Video.

5. Students are also visible on the Screen

Video of all participating Students will be available for the Teacher. Teacher will be able to keep a track on all students while teaching them.

6. Hand raising option

Students can raise their ‘electronic’ hand and invite attention of the teacher while the class is on. Teacher will be able to identify the name of the student who raised his hand and will be able to reach out to him

7. Other Participants can hear his question

Whenever a student is brought on to the screen by the teacher during the class, his video and audio will be available for other participating students. Each interaction of the classroom will turn out to be discussion of the classroom.

8. Digital Writing Board

Edonix Live Virtual Classroom Platform has a built-in Digital Writing Board for the Teacher to write or draw on it. In fact there are about 100 such pages available. Teacher can use multiple pages to express her points on the digital writing board. Multiple colors can be assigned to each writing board to match the mood of the class or the subject.

9. Share Digital Writing Board

Teacher can take snap shots of the digital writing board and send the snap shots to the participating students for them to keep these classroom notes for future reference

10. Images, Shapes and Graph Paper

Almost all shapes and images can be brought on to the digital board. Teacher can use her creativity to describe subjects using various shapes and images on the writing board. Graph papers are also made available to plot mathematical descriptions

11. Slide Presentation

Presentations that are prepared earlier can be uploaded onto the classroom well in advance of the live classroom. So many presentations with multiple pages can be made available on the screen while the classroom is on. Slides help teacher to present complected concepts coherently and effectively.

12. Video Show

Edonix Live Virtual Classroom Platform has facility to play pre-loaded videos while virtual classroom session is on. Students love videos and teachers can make use of this nature of children to teach them concepts faster with the help of video playing utility of Edonix.

13. Desktop Streaming

The Desktop of the teacher teaching in the session can be streamed across to all student participants. Sharing the desktop will help teacher to run web browsers, show contents on internet, show functions of softwares and so on. Teacher will be able to assume full power of the internet based teaching with this feature.

14. Text Pad

Quite often teachers need to type a lot while in session. Since many users are good at key board, typing on text pad turns out to be easier than writing on digital board. Many a times, Text pad is used for teaching computer programing language etc.

15. Private and Public Chat

The chat bot incorporated into the digital classroom of Edonix Live Virtual Classroom Platform is highly useful for participants to communicate with the teacher without disturbing the classroom session while it is on. Chat bot can be used for collecting answers for questions and for collecting opinions etc. Private chat help to chat with individual students without other participants noticing it.

16. Large live participation

Technically there is no limit for the number of participants who can be connected in a virtual classroom, though, it is easy and effective to conduct classrooms sessions with less number of students. Edonix Live Virtual Classroom Platform can handle a large number of students on its cloud server on any given point in time. Edonix has really robust cloud set up which can take up any number of participants without affecting its delivery quality.

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