How it Works

How it works?

Let us learn how Edonix Online Classroom Software Platform works.

Edonix is a software Platform for offering Online Education.

Education Institution has to Register with Edonix ( to offer Online Education.

Upon Registration, two mails will be sent.

One mail with Registration credentials will be sent to the Registered E-mail id and the other with credentials for a set of Logins.

These logins are given for Teachers to log into the Mobile App and Practise how to use the App.

Download the Mobile App from the below Link:

Android Application from Google PlayStore

Educational Institution may Log into the webportal using the ‘Login’ link from the Home Page of Edonix and Add the required information to Start Offering the Online Classes.

Once an Educational Institution is ‘Registered’, it can add all the Courses it offers.
Any type of Course can be offered through the Online Platform of Edonix.

It can add all its Teachers into the system. Teachers can create educational materials such as Slide Presentations and Videos etc and upload them onto the storage of Edonix. These contents can be dragged onto the Live Interactive Online Classroom while teaching.

Education Institution has to add all its Students into the system. All these students can be categorized into various Class Divisions (Like IX A, IX B, IX C etc as it is done in Schools) and these Class Divisions can be taken for Online Classroom Sessions.

Various e-classroom Sessions can be created depending on requirements. Teachers or Institutions can create Sessions. Give a name to a Session, Select the concerned Teacher, Add the Class Division to that Session, fix the time of the session etc. All these can be done through the web portal.

There is no limit as to how many Sessions an Institution can create and conduct. Multiple Sessions can happen simultaneously.

Attendance Report is available after each session is over. Institutions and Teachers can keep track of Students’ participation in each e-classrooms.


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