White board software for school

Live virtual classroom white board software for school tutoring

There is great deal of enquiries coming for live virtual classroom white board software for school tutoring. So many educational institutions are looking around for such specialized software platform to offer online live virtual classroom white board software.

Edonix online live virtual classroom white board software is the answer for such enquiries. With a built in White board and other enablers for effectively taking up live interactive education classes, Edonix offers a ready to roll live online classroom software for educational institutes.

There are a number of features incorporated with the online live interactive classroom software. All these features are adding immense value to the software platform that just by configuring it for any educational institutes, the entire course range can be made available online. Students who stay far away can accesses to such courses and live interactive classroom will function from its cloud server platform.

As people are becoming increasingly immobile owing to the travel restrictions imposed across the world on various counts, this mode of teaching will turn out to be a great boon for quality delivery of education contents.

So many educational institutes are deploying this kind of online learning platforms to ensure that their students are given quality education even when they are not in a position to reach out to their classrooms.

Teachers will be able to sit and teach from their homes and students will be able to attend to such lessons from the comfort of their homes.

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