Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom Software for Educational Institutions

Virtual Classroom is more a Video conferencing facility tweaked for providing online education. It works as a software based meeting platform for Teachers and Students. Virtual Classroom has many education enablers such as digital writing boards, slide presentation facility, video player, desktop streaming etc in addition to general and private chatting windows, hand raising options, file sharing and mutual interactions.

The participants will essentially be Teacher and Students. The medium used will be Laptop or Desktop connected to excellent quality internet. The participants will be spread across varied geographies ranging from within the radius of a city to from across the world. Virtual Classrooms are used to over come the challenges of providing education to students who stay away from teacher or to beat the time constraints of traveling.

Virtual Classrooms are commonly being used by Educational Institutions across the world. More and more educational institutions are making use of its ability in bringing together scattered students. As a distributed learning environment, Virtual Classroom is gaining popularity among educational institutions across the world.

Mainly there are two variations in Edonix’s Virtual Classroom platform. One is used as a one-to-one private tuition platform while the other is used for providing education for a group of students much like a real classroom.

In private tuition platform, the demand for scheduling a virtual classroom will be initiated by the student depending on his requirements for tuition. A teacher will the decide the timing of a virtual classroom session in the case of a group session. A pre-determined course will be subscribed by a group of students in the later case.

Teachers elaborately use enablers such as digital writing board, slides and videos to teach more effectively. Using digital writing pads and pen, teacher can write as eloquently as she writes on a piece of paper. Students are also facilitated to write on the digital board. Subjects like Mathematics etc are taught with much efficacy.

Slides with presentations of educational contents can be loaded onto the Edonix’s Virtual Classroom platform. Any number of slides with numerous pages can be kept ready in advance to present in front of students. More over, there are facility to write or mark on top of the slides while the presentation is on. This helps the teacher to pin point contents on the slide and students get better understanding of the presentation.

Desktop sharing is a fabulous option. The computer monitor of the teacher is streamed as it is on to the board of the students! Whatever a teacher does on her computer will be seen by the participating students. This is a beautiful feature for teaching software applications, spreadsheets, designs and the contents like.

Streaming of full screen videos of Teacher and students is a boon as this one feature make the classroom a lively exercise. Everyone gets to see each other and interact. Interactivity among the participants is the brightest point to be noted. Teachers and Students interact seamlessly in an Edonix’s Virtual Classroom platform. There are options for teachers to mute students while the session is on and enable them for doubt clearing etc.

The most striking feature of virtual classroom facility is its cost effectiveness. Edonix’s Virtual Classroom platform is available as a pay per use model. It is extremely cost effective compared to many other enterprise conferencing software platforms.

Virtual Classroom software platform is a highly efficient education platform that can be brilliantly made use by educational institutions across the world. Even though a lot of efforts have gone in this direction, a great deal of activity need to be done to establish to make it more ubiquitous.


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